Volvo - The Case

The average consumer in Lebanon views Volvo as “old” and “boring”. Additionally, German makes dominate 80% of the market. Volvo wanted to position itself as the car for the 'thinking society’, for those who don’t follow the herd, and are confident to plow their own path.

To bring this concept to life, we took a look at the broader social context. Lebanon is a country where doing things the wrong way is the norm and those who do things the right way are the minority; a lonely minority.

We developed Project “Only The Lonely” as a social experiment that set out to find just how many “lonesome” Lebanese there were. Campaign touch points urged people who felt ostracized to visit and join the movement.

The microsite mapped out our interactive installations across the city where users could take a stand simply by doing the street-wise thing.

The activation required people to take a stand by using our interactive installations throughout the city. The experiments were based on performing simple actions, which are uncommon in Beirut: hailing a cab from a taxi stand safely or using a zebra crossing with an LED-light alert to vehicles.

The stands were Internet-enabled, equipped with cameras to capture interaction and completely solar powered. Once a button was pressed to performed the desired action, the campaign’s theme song played from internal speakers and the camera began filmed a social-media friendly 15-second clip that was pushed directly to our website for sharing!

Bloggers and news outlets praised the initiative and called for countrywide implementation. Lebanese NGO “Live-Love-Beirut” used the campaign as a public petition to change people’s behavior and celebrities took part. generated 113,142 sessions and 72,432 users. 29.8% of the traffic came from referrals, while 22% came directly.

And most importantly, showroom traffic not only increased by 10-fold, but maintained its growth after the campaign’s completion.

INFO: 01:22 / Color / Mixed Media / HD

"Volvo - The Case"

Client: Volvo
Production: Mystery Box
Post Production: KRM

Agency: Interesting Times

Creative Director: Mo Al-Ghossein
Art Director: Michel Sfeir

Senior Content Producer: Karam Al-Ghossein
Senior Animator: Rawad Raidi
Copywriter: Rita J. Harbie

Format: Online