Volvo - Only the Lonely

The Problem: In Lebanon most people have a total disregard for road safety. Volvo is a car company committed to road safety.

The Solution: Screw most people. Position Volvo as the automobile brand for the minority who care about safety, design and common courtesy through an interactive social experiment.

Therefor we developed 5 individual TV’s that all linked back to the initial activation. 

The activation required people to take a stand by using our interactive installations throughout the city. The experiments were based on performing simple actions, which are uncommon in Beirut: hailing a cab from a taxi stand safely or using a zebra crossing with an LED-light alert to vehicles.

I really have to praise Michel Sfeir for is extrordinary work in visualizing this campaign in addition to creating additonal content to add the extra value that was needed for a succesful production. 

Bloggers and news outlets praised the initiative and called for countrywide implementation. Lebanese NGO “Live-Love-Beirut” used the campaign as a public petition to change people’s behavior and celebrities took part. generated 113,142 sessions and 72,432 users. 29.8% of the traffic came from referrals, while 22% came directly.

And most importantly, showroom traffic not only increased by 10-fold, but maintained its growth after the campaign’s completion.

INFO: 00:22 / Color / Animation / HD

"Volvo - Only the Lonely"

Client: Volvo
Production: Mystery Box
Post Production: KRM

Agency: Interesting Times

Creative Director: Mo Al-Ghossein
Art Director: Michel Sfeir

Senior Content Producer: Karam Al-Ghossein
Senior Animator: Rawad Raidi
Copywriter: Rita J. Harbie

Format: Online & TV