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Red Bull -  CPD Origins

The Orgins series of CPD launched with one of the regionals best drifter Abdo Feghali also known as ‘Dado’. 

Chris Mosera was tasked with all the drifting shots within the car park. Which I think he did a wonderful job at. Nonetheless a lot of credit goes out to Jimmy Francis who worked out an additional storyboard with me to reshoot the testimonial scenes of Dado. 

Not only where does my debut as a director on a bigger budget production in collaboartion with Black Rhino Films but also my first major project with a brand that has it’s roots in Austria.

To get the edit right and reach a pace that would suit the action loaded scenes I contacted Tony Anderson who in my opinion is one of the greatest composers in this decade.

I guess this projects marks a milestone for me due to the fact that from this day on I was basically producing 30% of Red Bull’s Media inside the MENA region.  

Ranging from CPD Edits to Cliff Dive Promos and the BC One Events. 
I remember when we provided the first animated logos to each of those events that at a later stage where implemented by Red Bull Global. 

Proud to have been part of this project and beeing able to contribute to Red Bull’s Content Pool.

INFO: 02:07 / Color / Alexa / HD

"Red Bull - Car Park Drift Origins"

Client: Red Bull
Director: Chris Mosera
Production: Black Rhino
Post Production: KRM

Agency: Interesting Times

Creative Director: Mo Al-Ghossein
Creative Director: Jimmy Francis

Director of Photography: Kamal Bou Nassar

Format: Online