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LB - Try something brave

After a year from its launch, Lebanese Brew established itself as Lebanon’s other local beer, gaining 7% market share, 18% share among its core consumers of 18 to 24-year-olds – gathering a youth community of thousands of active members on social media.

This year, Lebanese Brew needed to further engage with its online community, which had high expectations of the brand. And the fact that Lebanese Brew was still at an entry level in the market meant that this was a crucial summer that would decide the brand’s future success.

The much-anticipated campaign also needed to reach out to new consumers, inducing some serious trial. So we thought, if the brave part of the Lebanese youth was courageous enough to support the brand last year, what would it take for the more conformist people to follow? Will they go out of their comfort zones when faced with the ultimate deadline?

We have achieved a 100% presence in key accounts in Beirut and its surrounding areas. This is directly related to the campaign presence and its special packaging.

LB saw an increase to 7% market share on key accounts in its second year and 18% market share within its target audience. LB went from selling 2500 cases per month, to 5400 cases per month. (source: Snowball Distribution s.a.l.)

The campaign helped the brand further engage with its existing online community, thereby more than multiplying the number of interactions on our Facebook page from last year.

Riding on the ‘2012 End of the World’ hype, we launched the ultimate deadline that would urge people get out of their comfort zones and push each other to do the things they never had the courage to do. THE LAST SUMMER ON EARTH campaign launched with a nation wide series of posters and outdoors, with bold messages!

INFO: 01:32 / Color / C300 / HD

"Lebanese Brew - Try something brave"

Client: Gravity Brewin 
Production: Interesting Times
Post Production: KRM

Agency: Interesting Times

Creative Director: Mo Al-Ghossein
Creative Director: Jimmy Francis
Art Director: Ali El Sayed

Director of Photography: Kamal Bou Nassar
Senior Content Producer: Karam Al-Ghossein
Copywriter: Tres Colacion

Format: Online