HE - Love & Forget

Herbal Essences launched its brand-new Nature Collection across the Arab World, the first mass product inspired by Natural ingredients free of silicones, parabens and dyes.

The collection was launched for its young audience seeking more natural hair products. In order to engage our audience with the novelty of the collection, we needed to create a first of a kind experience for women in the region.

And our greatest challenge was to engage women in the KSA, our key target market. Women in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from attending musical concerts – not to mention, there hardly being any public concerts in the country – and this presented itself as a perfect opportunity to focus our efforts online.

We launched the first-ever interactive online concert in the Arab World called “Love and Forget”. We decided to work with the face of Herbal Essences Arabia, Lara Scandar, a young singer recognized in Egypt but not known in Saudi Arabia.

We knew that her all-natural beauty and voice would inspire young women across the region to celebrate nature and express themselves freely.

We invited women to love nature, and forget themselves in music. We created a nature-inspired musical experience powered by digital and social media tools.
Attendees at the virtual concert could watch Lara Scandar perform unique and unforgettable songs tailored to their taste.

They could let their hair loose by selecting their avatar’s hair colour and style. And throughout the concert, users could interact with the artist as they virtually requested special songs, applauded, cheered, lit up their lighters, took photos, and shared what they wanted to Love and Forget.

Users could also scan any Herbal Essences Nature Collection product to gain backstage access and get personalized virtual album signings from Lara Scandar herself, along with exclusive media!

INFO: 00:40 / Color / Mixed Media / HD

"Herba Essence - Love and Forget"

Client: P&G
Production: KRM

Agency: Interesting Times

Creative Director: Mo Al-Ghossein
Art Director: Mojca Sfeir
Head of Digital Production: Bahaa Awad

Senior Content Producer: Karam Al-Ghossein
Senior Planner: Marta Bielik
Copywriter: Rita J. Harbie

Format: Online