Crepaway - All Good!

2013 started of pretty well for me and it was a an all good reunion for most of the folks participating in this little sketch that turned viral.

So Crepaway had it’s rebranding back than and spreaded the All Good! vibe around Beirut.
I guess as humourous this video is nobody actually intended for it to be taken to serious.

None the less everybody who has ever lived in Beirut surly had ordered from this place. 
Having lived in Vienna I can only tell you this. The food at Crepaway was all good.

Seriously I think I know everybody in this video. What where we thinking of?

Mounir Haydamous who has also been credited as an editor layed out the base for me so I could jump right to it and add the extra spice of ridicolousness to it.

Even thou we got some backlash from Brofessional  Review I must say looking back at it.
Hell Yeah it was worth all the cliches and stupidity we bumped into this little baby.

Than again having worked for Interesting Times just way too long and often I guess it is obvious where the simillarities come from. But it had many genuine moments such as me hiding one of the directors inside the video and yeah it also proofs that you can ski and swim at the same time in this beautifully normal country. 

As a word of advice I’ll end with the explaination of Crepaway on  why we should not overthink things too much.

These days everyone could use a little positivity! Watch this video fueled by your own words & inspired by life's odd moments!

INFO: 03:42 / Color / Mixed Media / HD

"Crepaway - All Good!"

Client: Crepaway
Production: Clandestino Films
Director: Andre Chammas & Chadi Younes
DOP: Yves Sehnaoui

Agency: Lorem Ipsum

Creative Director: Carma Andraos

Editor & Graphics:  Mounir Haydamous
& Karam Al-Ghossein

Format: Online