Alfa - Mothersday

Is your mom the best mother on this planet?

In this little video the entire country was able to honor their mothers by participating in an online competition. The winning ensemble of mother and child would than be surprised by a follow up event that Alfa Lebanon dedicated to the best submitted answer on why your mother deserves to be entitled of being the most amazing mother on earth. 

I personally still believe my mother is the best but unfortunatly someone else grabbed that title right of her. In this sweet little video various cast memebers who are actual children of some of the most amazing women out there dedicated their screen time to share some hillarious and common things we as children have to be greatful for. 

“Why did you come home late last night? Should I do your laundry!? Did you eat?” 

Those are just a view examples of the daily lines that we forget to embrace way to often. Not only is it our duty to understand the principal and respect them for their efforts but also to honor them for who they are and what we will become through them. 

Rudy Francis is another one of those genuine directors who can tickle out soe pretty amazing lines and actions form the various cast we had. 

Editing this piece was not only a bit of a challenge due to the fact that I was way apart from where my mother was but it helped me as a reminder that I should call her more often. 

INFO: 01:17 / Color / Sony A7s II / HD

"Alfa - Mothersday"
Client: Alfa
Production: Frame Nation Films
Director: Rudy Francis
Editor: Karam Al-Ghossein

Agency: Leo Burnett

Format: Online